Our monthly meetings are organized by two members, who may invite an expert in the field to lead the meeting. To promote successful participation by all members, materials may be provided prior to the meeting. Members are completely free to pick whatever subject excites them, as long as it is a translational medicine topic and excites leadership and critical thinking skills.

Meetings often cover in-depth medial problems, presented as lectures or case studies in which the members need to take up an active role in the debate. Examples include translational research findings on immunotherapy in melanoma, novel crispr-cas techniques, or the possibilities and limitations of stem cell research. Alternatively, we may focus on social topics or the development of soft skills, such as a moral debate, media training, or a lobbying workshop.

At the beginning of every meeting, and during the drinks afterwards, there is room for members to discuss news in the translational medicine field or to discuss problems they encounter professionally, such as issues with funding or international experiences.

The meetings are usually scheduled on the last Friday of the month, although this may differ depending on holidays or other circumstances.